Provision of Reinforcement and Structural Steel for United Nations Peacekeeping Missions in Africa


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Дата публикации: 26-05-2017
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Provision of Reinforcement and Structural Steel for United Nations Peacekeeping Missions in Africa
United Nations Secretariat
26-Jun-2017 00:00
1. The UNPD / Regional Procurement Office (RPO), on behalf of Peacekeeping Missions in Africa ( MONUSCO,UNSOS,UNISFA,MINUSCA,UNMISS,UNAMID and MINUSMA) intends to establish the contract for the supply of Reinforcement bars and structural steel under the Regional System Contract to designated areas in Africa 2. The Following are the statement of requirement to be performed by the Vendor: 2.1 Steel materials of various sizes of Deformed steel in diameter of ; 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,16mm and 20mm. 6m long steel equal angle section of; 50mmx50mmx3mm, 100mmx100mmx4mm,75mmx75mmx4mm and 45mm45mmxmm to be delivered to DAP terms locations for United Nations Missions in Africa; 2.2 The unit of measurement for respective items shall be according to the unit provided in the bill of quantity. Bidders price shall include the price of the product, cost of packaging and delivery at DAP locations; 2.3 All components of the supply under the proposed contract shall be either delivered in optimized truck loads or shipped in 20’ sea container (maximum gross weight 9 tonnes). The UN will not retain these containers used for delivery of the material. Gross weight of optimized truck load, duly packed shall not exceed 8 tonnes 2.4.The delivery time shall be less than 6 weeks after mission call off, DAP locations as specified. 2.5 The period of contract shall be for two years, with possibility to be extended for additional period of three years one year periods.
Chief Of Regional Procurement Office
Chief Of Regional Procurement Office
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